Car Polishing and Paint Correction 

What is the difference between car polishing and paint correction?

Well paint correction is just as it sounds. It’s restoring the cars paintwork to remove defects and bring back the original lustre and shine, to make it brand new again. Car polishing can mean the same thing but there are different levels of car polishing to correct paintwork. This will depend on how light or heavy duty you need the polishing to go. We talk about different levels of car polishing below. If your car is in good condition, chances are you will just need to restore the shine with a good single stage polish. But if you have a car that has scratches, swirls or paint fade you will need to go for a two stage or more commonly referred to as a cut and polish. This means you are cutting through the scratches, into the clear coat to smooth everything out. And then polishing it to a mirror shine. The smoother the paint, the shiner it is. A professional should know the safe levels of clear coat to remove. Without compromising the paint health underneath.

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