Touch-up Paint

The three main reasons to touch up paint:

is to mask the damage so it is less noticeable; to prevent rust; and to prevent repainting sections of your car. However, it is important you not set expectations too high when dealing with any paint touch-up product or method because there are limitations. It will not necessarily make a scratch go away or flawlessly remove a paint chip scar, but if applied correctly, touch-up paint will prevent further damage and look much better than it did before.

What to Look For:

If the nicks, scratches, scuffs, and chips are shallow, cutting into the clear coat without penetrating the paint, you may be able to polish or buff them out, and we recommend always trying this approach first. However, you should never ignore a blemish that cuts down into the metal as many door dings and malicious key-type scratches do. In that case, your biggest enemy is rust and if the scrape looked like a gaping wound before, rust is like giving it gangrene! Remember ? your car is made of metal and it is the paint that keeps it from rusting!

Even if you do not see metal, look closely to see if the scar cuts into the primer, the extremely thin layer of paint immediately on top of the metal and underneath the base coat. The primer gives the color coat adhesion and promotes a smooth, even texture. The primer is too delicate to stop rusting and if you do not treat it with a rust arrestor prior to using a touch-up kit, the rust will continue to eat through the panel causing even the smallest paint chip repair to peel and deteriorate.

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